A Day in the Lap of Nature with Jyoti Jashnani – Yoga Ratna

About The Event

A unique package with a stay, designed to enhance your life!!!

*Detox Diet: Wholesome organic food, fresh vegetables and fruits all the way from ORGANEEK, only store in hyd who serves you with 100% natural and organic food which will nourish your body and make you feel healthy and rejuvenated.

*Musical Yoga Therapy: Exclusive live music meditation with flute and other string instruments (music therapy) to release the stress of all kinds.

*Quick Body Workout: Complete body workout which will take just 7 mins from your daily hectic routine and removes stiffness, pain, constipation issues and many more.

*Eye Treatment: Treatment that cleanse your eyes leaving it brighter and shinny apart from relaxing all your nerves and reducing stress and tiredness.

*Oxgenating body and brain: How many of you knew that feeling fatique, weak, angry, aggressive, lethargic, negative, low energy levels were because of lack of correct amount of oxygen levels in your body??? We will teach you a technique to oxygenate  each and every cell of your body.

A unique technique will activate your cells for you to think and work better.

Mrugavani Resort and Spa, Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India


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