‘Didn’t Do Film For Nani, however Gave Discount’

Nitya Menon has been one amongst the torchbearers of the ever-changing trend in cinemas. She marked her name because the 1st ever South histrion to play a lesbian. She contend the role of such woman named #Krishnaveni within the latest free flick ‘Awe!’.

We know that Nitya marked her debut with Ala Modalaindi flick major Nani and therefore the couple share an excellent bond. Nani created his production debut with this flick. during a recent interview, once asked Nitya whether or not her friendly relationship with #Nani created her settle for this project, she instantly aforesaid NO. She declared that it’s the narration of director Prashanth Varma and therefore the story that compelled her to mention affirmative to the current project however not her friendly relationship with the producer. However, she conjointly created some fascinating remarks regardingthe remuneration.

When asked regarding the payroll check she took for the film, Nitya admitted that as #Nani is her #friend she gave an enormous discount for him and united to try to to the film for a awfully paltry payroll check. Well, she gave an enormous discount for her Ala #Modalaindi co-star however did not settle for the project for him, that sounds quite shocking, isn’t it?

Nitya has contend such a lot of experimental roles in her career although she wasn’t taking part in the lead. however the histrion claimed that she likes to do difficult roles that faucet the actor in her and remarked that no character very explored her full-fledged. She’s presently writing a script and needs it to direct next year. thus hope she’s going to faucet her full potential herself.

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