Sydney’s best fish sandwiches

Rule breakers: the chefs UN agency dare to combine fish and cheese
That Christ man was onto one thing once he used bread and fish to feed 5000 followers on a bank in Jordan. The fish sandwich could be a lovely factor – a holy gift of crunchy-fried fish soft by soft staff of life. straightforward and straight-up delicious. One hopes the disciples had sauce back within the day. Praise be to small gherkins, capers and salad dressing
Two millennia later, Sydney chefs also are victimisation bread and fish to feed the plenty. There ar fish sandwiches everywhere city in 2018 and you’ll be able to realize one among the foremost in style riffs at The Gretz (125 Enmore Road, Enmore), wherever cook Gregory Llewellyn pays tribute to McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.
Llewellyn brines, flakes and presses hake into a patty before whacking it within a steamed milk roll.
Although Macca’s solely uses [*fr1] a slice of processed cheese on its fish sandwich (“any a lot of cheese would throw off the balance of flavour and overpower the fragile style of whitefish”, says the company’s website), Llewellyn doubles-down with 2 slices of cheese that “glue” fish to bread and build a self-contained sanger.

he Gretz tartare is serious on dill, pickles, parsley, lemon and hunky capers for salinity and crunch
Icebergs cluster govt cook Monty Koludrovic rocks a equally bitey tartare on his fish sandwich at Bondi Beach Public Bar (180 Joseph Campbell Parade, Bondi). Koludrovic additionally uses panko crumbs for super-crunchy smart times and serves the sanger with deep-fried potato crisps that you just grasp you would like to stack between the staff of life, too.
The religious home of the fish sandwich is Constantinople, wherever locals have long flocked to the riverbanks at lunch period for balik ekmek (literally “fish bread”). A crusty roll is full of lettuce, onion and blue mackerel toasted over charcoal or deep-fried on a kitchen appliance. cook Abraham Kasif is happy to repair you a superb balik ekmek with mackerel at Stanbuli (135 Enmore Road, Enmore).

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